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March 23, 2003
Operation Iraqi Freedom: Images to Steel a Nation's Heart

December 16, 2002
Book Review: "Into the Buzzsaw" Reviewed by Shira Feldman

December 5, 2002
Flight 587: Open Letter to NTSB In Re The Debris Fields

November 18, 2002
Flight 587: Why The Silence?
Question from a Reader: "The AAL587 hearings came and went, but U.S. Read is silent about the matter. What gives?"
Answer: Still processing all the factual reports and docket info. There are over 1500 pages there. Basic updates/reports in re the Hearings are available from all sorts of news sources. USRead's approach is to dig deeper and we're doing that. The NTSB waited one year before releasing all this data. We just need a fraction of that time to gather some rational, informed reaction to the factual info.
Thanks for your patience and interest.
But you will hear from us soon. Stay tuned and thanks for writing.
Victor Trombettas

October 21, 2002
Flight 587: Memorial Grove Planting

October 17, 2002
Flight 587: Shame, Shame

October 9, 2002
Flight 587: New York City Council Hearing (Part 2)

September 25, 2002
Aviation Security: Illegals, Sabotage, and Security

September 18, 2002
Flight 587: New York City Council Hearings on Flight 587 (Part 1)

August 23, 200
Flight 587: The Engines


August 21, 2002
Flight 587: CNBC Interview with David Rose on August 15th

August 19, 2002
Flight 587: The Rudder Movements Timeline and What It Shows

August 9, 2002
Flight 587: Wake Probabilities



August 8, 2002
Flight 587: American Airlines A300 Fleet Standards Manager Resigns

August 7, 2002
Flight 587: Channel 4 in England Reports on the Vanity Fair Article
Flight 587: Airbus Comments on Vanity Fair Article
Flight 587: ABC News World News Tonight Coverage
Flight 587: CNN's Miles O'Brien on Vanity Fair Article

July 31, 2002
Flight 587: Doug Willis on Eyewitnesses

July 19, 2002
Flight 587: Write-Ups in The WAVE in response to Witness Meeting

July 15, 2002
Flight 587: Eyewitness Andrew Feldman

July 13, 2002
Flight 587: Witness Meeting Reaction - An Open Letter to Aviation Week
Flight 587: A Canadian Journalist's Twist on Witness Reliability

July 12, 2002
Flight 587: Witness Meeting Update

June 25, 2002
Flight 587: Witnesses - "Notoriously Unreliable"?

June 21, 2002
Flight 587: Interview with Stan Molin; Father of Flight 587 Pilot
Flight 587: Witness Meeting Drawing Interest


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