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March 23, 2003
Images to Steel a Nation's Heart

This picture, courtesy of rushlimbaugh.com and Space Imaging Inc., shows a Boeing jet in the Salman Pak terrorist training camp in Iraq, south of Baghdad.

An Iraqi army captain for 10 years, Shaba Khodada discussed this camp in detail with PBS's Frontline as a followup to an October 2001 article about him in the New York Times. David Rose, writing for the Guardian Unlimited in November 2001, also mentions this training camp and other solid links between the 9/11 hijackers and Iraqi intelligence agents.

Keep this image in your mind the next you see an anti-war protest on TV or have the pleasure of meeting an ill-informed protester. This terrorist training camp specifically trained non-Iraqi Arabs to attack "American interests". The art of hijacking was one skill taught to the eager disciples, on the jet in the image above.

If there's any doubt about the sanity of the U.S. and Coalition cause, and the barbarity of our enemies ... today's events near the Iraqi town of An Nasiriyah ... should eliminate that doubt. Some of our troops took the wrong turn off the road to Baghdad and fell right into the hands of the enemy. Early reports today indicated that soldiers who witnessed the event stated that all the troops appeared to be alive when they were taken as prisoners of war.

We know now that at least 4 of those prisoners are dead, and members of the major media and the U.S. Government who viewed the entire Iraqi TV/Al Jazzera tape, felt the corpses showed clear signs of execution. The surviving prisoners were humiliated and interrogated for the camera in violation of the Geneva Convention. Al Jazeera was all to willing to broadcast the entire video.

Courtesy of drudgereport.com, USRead believes we should all see these stills captured from the Al Jazeera tape so we may grieve, that we may be justifiably angered, and that we may be reminded of the brutality of the regime that has lied to the U.N. for 12 years. The brutal souls that commit these crimes are the kind of souls the French, Chinese, Germans, and Russians all feel we can engage ... "diplomatically". Our deepest sympathies to the families of those lost, and our deepest thanks for their sacrifice. We will never forget.

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