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July 15, 2002
Eyewitness Andrew Feldman on Flight 587 and the Witness Meeting
As an eyewitness to the horrible disaster of November 12th, I attended the meeting that was held at The Beach Club. I sat with a young lady and her family that I have known for the last 12 years who lost her mother and 2 aunts on the plane. While I did not get up to speak, I must say that I thought the meeting was an outstanding outlet for all of us who have been haunted by the event. I hope that something positive may result from this, but have serious doubts that the bureaucrats in Washington have our best interests at heart.

I have been a Belle Harbor resident all my life (49 years), and have literally grown up with airplanes flying over my house. I remember as a child driving with my parents over the Marine Park Bridge onto Flatbush Avenue and watching fighter jets coming in for a landing right over our car at Floyd Bennett Field. I also remember watching seaplanes land in Jamaica Bay and taxi up the ramp at the airfield. I can tell without looking when the Concorde is taking off merely by the difference in the sound that it makes. Until that fateful day, I never gave any of them a second thought.

I bring this out to highlight the fact that it was not a coincidence that I jumped out of my chair as I heard a loud noise (possibly an explosion), the sound of jet engines increase dramatically in volume and watched as Flight 587 flew over and literally shook the entire house. As I looked out the window, I clearly saw the plane on fire, watched as the plane banked to the left and the engines fall from the wings and then saw the plane nosedive to the ground. My wife and I immediately ran up to the crash site to see if we could help, but the scene was literally hell on earth. Since that day, we have been acutely aware of every airplane that flies overhead.

I want to thank you for putting this website out there and will make it a point to bring it to the attention of as many people as I can.
Andrew Feldman
Belle Harbor, NY

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