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December 5, 2002
Open Letter to NTSB In Re Flight 587 Debris Field in Jamaica Bay and Other Debris on Land

To Whom It May Concern At The NTSB:

U.S.Read and The Wave are requesting the following from the NTSB related to
the debris field in Jamaica Bay, and debris found on land a distance from
the crash site:

1. Make available all photographs and video NTSB may possess taken in
Jamaica Bay on November 12th, 2001

2. The Public Information Division (DCPI) at the NYPD, has stated to
U.S.Read that they will not release any photographs or videotape taken by
the NYPD unless the NTSB explicitly gives the "o.k." to do so. Therefore,
U.S.Read and The Wave request that the NTSB contact DCPI at the NYPD and
grant that authorization. Phone number for Lieutenant Burke at DCPI will be
provided below. NTSB should specifically request that pictures taken by any
NYPD units, including but not limited to:

(a) The Crime Scene Unit (CSU) in Jamaica, NY
(b) The Harbor Unit at Floyd Bennett Field
(c) The 100th Precinct

... should be released to U.S.Read and The Wave.

The CSU has informed U.S.Read that such pictures are considered "crime scene
evidence" and "are never released except under order by a Judge". U.S.Read
informed CSU that the NTSB announced at the Flight 587 Hearings that
criminal activity has been ruled out, but CSU needs to hear this from the
NTSB. CSU's phone number will also be provided below.

3. NTSB has in their possession several pictures taken by Witness # 321 of
debris in the Bay that he and his friends recovered and then turned over to
either an NYPD or Coast Guard vessel. This witness' boat was just east of
the flight path along with witnesses # 18 and #122. U.S.Read and The Wave
request the release of all the pictures surrendered to you by Witness # 321.

4. Several, if not dozens, of pieces of debris from flight 587 landed up to
3/4 statute mile away from the crash site, on land. Aside from the engines
and tail section, the NTSB has provided no pictures in the Structures
reports of that debris. Your Structures Report mentions the "left wingtip"
at 116th Street but there was no specific mention or pictures of the
following, for example:

(a) two "panels" found on the roof of the Rockaway Sunset Diner at 116th
Street and Beach Channel Drive. These pieces were at least 8 square feet

(b) Witness # 292 describes a 4 foot by 4 foot section picked up at 116th

(c) the left winglet at 125th street and Cronston Ave.

(d) what appeared to be a crew member's or flight attendant's seat belt near
the winglet at 125th street. I have the names of the two residents who
picked it up and surrendered it to the authorities. The seat belt was
slightly sooted and left some residue on their hands.

U.S.Read requests the release of pictures (with descriptions) of all debris
recovered away from the crash site and that the NTSB produce a map of this
debris field. Seasoned Air Crash Investigators are surprised to learn that
such a map does not exist.

5. On July 10th, 2002, a Rockaway resident submitted to an NYPD detective
charred pages from a book (in english text) entitled "Manual of Islamic
Behavior", that were said to have been recovered at the crash site. The FBI
recovered other pages from this book on the day of the crash. The resident
who surrendered the pages from this book to the NYPD did so with the
understanding that a copy would be made and returned to this resident. This
was not done. The NYPD forwarded these pages to FBI Special Agent (name
withheld) in Queens, NY. The NYPD stated to U.S.Read that this is "an
ongoing criminal investigation". U.S.Read sees yet another instance where
the NTSB should update the NYPD (and perhaps the FBI) that this is an
ongoing "accident" investigation. This might encourage the FBI to release
the pages from the book back to the resident, or, if the FBI has connected
these pages to a specific passenger on board 587, then perhaps the Family
Affairs Office at the NTSB should ensure that the family of the passenger
will be given this and any other personal effects the FBI may be
withholding. Either way, there seems to be no legal basis (since there is
no criminal investigation) for the FBI to continue holding this debris that
either belongs to the resident who found it or to the family of the


The requests for Jamaica Bay pictures have been initiated due to
corroborated eyewitness statements in the NTSB's Flight 587 docket, and in
followup interviews with those witnesses by U.S.Read, that:

(a) luggage and escape chute(s) were seen falling out of the sky along with
flight 587 and ...

(b) luggage and possibly one escape chute/raft were seen floating in Jamaica
Bay immediately after the crash.

NTSB's current position, as you informed U.S.Read, is that no such debris
fell into the Bay, or away from the main crash site.

1. DCPI @ NYPD - 646-610-6700, ext 8792
2. Crime Scene Unit - 718-558-8822 and 8823

Thank you

Victor Trombettas
U.S.Read / The Wave

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