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Letters From Readers

January 17, 2004 in re Flight 587

"I read your web site / you have my support"

I found your website (usread.com) through a Google search.

I want to let everyone here know that people are still talking about Flight
587, and that many believe witness reports have been covered up by the NTSB.
The same thing happened with TWA Flight 800, and the people following that
story have an excellent website, are highly organized, and have lots of

I performed my Google serach after a discussion at a party. I just casually
mentioned the Flight 587 coverup at a cocktail party last night in Atlanta,
Georgia. I was speaking to a former Delta pilot, and he got all red-faced
as I explained how many people think the Public has been lied to regarding
the cause of this tragedy. Others sitting nearby were disturbed when they
heard this.

I believe that an external event (perhaps a bomb) caused the breakup of
Flight 587. But I don't have all the facts, so I could be wrong. But what
is for certain is that witnesses are being silenced by the establishment,
and being ignored by the mainstream media.

Here's another incident that troubles me... on January 3rd or 4th, 2004, a
plane crashed on takeoff off the coast of Egypt. This was the 2nd crash on
takoff in Africa in a week (there was one December 25th, 2003 off the coast
of Benin).

I remember reading about the crash off Egypt's coast the next morning on
FoxNews.com. The news story was written just a few hours after the crash.
The headline was (paraprase) "Plane Crashes off the coast of Africa,
Terrorism not Suspected". Now there's just something wrong with that, isn't
there? The crash investigators hadn't even begun their work, and the media
was already dismissing terrorism. This coming at the same time that U.S.
government is saying that terrorists are planning attacks against airlines.

So in summary, I just want you to know that there are people who are
following these stories, talking about it, and visiting websites like yours.
You have tremendous support, much of it at the "grassroots" level. Keep up
the good work!

Richard Browning

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

November 5, 2003 in re Flight 587:  2003 Update 1

Thank you very much for the update and I look forward to the next
chapter in this unbelievable story.

I don't think NTSB themselves believe their own story but they
underestimated the public's opinion and common sense in their efforts to
protect the industry.

For some reason the consequences of the public knowledge of the truth
is regarded so serious that it has taken a political decision on a
top level that some fog is necessary and acceptable.
Therefore I think your search for the truth stands a greater chance in
the political circles behind the scenes. Someone had to approve it and
someone knows who it was.
AA fleet manager Roger Purdy didn't resign because of an accident, he
resigned because he know something he is not allowed to tell.

Best regards,
Thom O.Olsen

Reply from U.S.Read to Thom:

Thom - I don't believe Roger Purdy knew something so disturbing.  I can't comment further on what he did or didn't know except to say that he doesn't have the smoking gun, if there is one.  I do not know what the NTSB thinks, and why they have seemingly done such an incomplete investigation.  All I can do is set forth our most objective findings and then let the People decide. 

November 5, 2003 in re Flight 587:  2003 Update 1

Thanks Vic - for all your dedication to the truth!!
I will now add this cover-up to  the coverup of Flight 800.
I pray daily for our President, George W. Bush. His task is almost humanly impossible.
As the scriptures say "in the last days, evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse". II Timothy 3:13
God bless you,
Ruth Ohren

November 5, 2003 in re Flight 587:  2003 Update 1

Dear Victor:

Thank you for the information.  A verse in Scripture comes to mind concerning this investigation.
"And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter." Isaiah 59:14
It seems to be epidemic, this inability to come to grips with and to accept truth where we find it. We could not accept the facts regarding the Saudis and their part in 9/11, we cannot understand that Iraq will never be a democracy, and will never sign a peace treaty with Israel, and that she will have a Sharia government.
A lot of lies are told on every level now, and all the time, when the truth would serve us better.

But thank you for hanging in there.

November 5, 2003 in re Flight 587:  2003 Update 1

As an eyewitness to the crash, I too must applaud you for your efforts!

Andy Feldman

U.S.Read makes available here Andy's statement to us about his experience on Nov 12, 2001:

As an eyewitness to the horrible disaster of November 12, I attended the (witness) meeting that was held last night at The Beach Club. I sat with a young lady and her family that I have known for the last 12 years who lost her mother and 2 aunts on the plane. While I did not get up to speak, I must say that I thought the meeting was an outstanding outlet for all of us who have been haunted by the event. I hope that something positive may result from this, but have serious doubts that the bureaucrats in Washington have our best interests at heart.
I have been a Belle Harbor resident all my life (49 years), and have literally grown up with airplanes flying over my house. I remember as a child driving with my parents over the Marine Park Bridge onto Flatbush Avenue and watching fighter jets coming in for a landing right over our car at Floyd Bennett Field. I also remember watching seaplanes land in Jamaica Bay and taxi up the ramp at the airfield. I can tell without looking when the Concorde is taking off merely by the difference in the sound that it makes. Until that fateful day, I never gave any of them a second thought.
I bring this out to highlight the fact that it was not a coincidence that I jumped out of my chair as I heard a loud noise (possibly an explosion), the sound of jet engines increase dramatically in volume and watched as Flight 587 flew over and literally shook the entire house. As I looked out the window, I clearly saw the plane on fire, watched as the plane banked to the left and the engines fall from the wings and then saw the plane nosedive to the ground. My wife and I immediately ran up to the crash site to see if we could help, but the scene was literally hell on earth. Since that day, we have been acutely aware of every airplane that flies overhead.
I want to thank you for putting this website out there and will make it a point to bring it to the attention of as many people as I can.

Andrew Feldman
Belle Harbor, NY

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