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Flight 587 Coverage
Airbus A300B4-600R5 that became Flight 587 on Nov. 12, 2001
Photo Copyright by Remi Dallot

NEW  March 4, 2005 - An Improbable Probable Cause - The NTSB's Final Report

October 27 - October 25th WNBC Flight 587 Special Report

                     NTSB's Final Report Press Release
                     NTSB's Final Report Synopsis
           NTSB's Final Report Presentations (pdf's recommended)
           NTSB's Animations and compressed Tollbooth Video

October 17 - U.S.Read's Preliminary Report - Part 6:  Eyewitness Accounts
October 13 - U.S.Read's Preliminary Report - Part 5:  The Radar Data

October 6 - Open Letter to the NTSB in re the "Try Escape" Transmission

September 15 - Canadian Intelligence: May 2002 Al Qaeda Claim: Flight 587 Shoe Bombed
September 5 - WHCR FM Interviews Former NTSB Board Member and U.S.Read

August 25 - Conspiracy Theories?

August 23 - WHCR FM Interviews Former NTSB Board Member and U.S.Read

August 18 - U.S.Read's Preliminary Report - Part 4:  The Tollbooth Video and the FBI's "Ongoing Investigation"
August 3 - U.S.Read's Preliminary Report - Parts 2 & 3:  Flight 587 & Space Shuttle Columbia Debris Handling
July 23 - U.S.Read's Preliminary Report - Part 1: NTSB Hypothesis - Is The Basic Premise Flawed?

July 23 - U.S.Read's Preliminary Report - Executive Summary
April 21 - Not How, But When Did the Tail Fail?
April 1   - Executive Summary of Cover-ups, Foul-ups, and Credibility Lost
March 26 Cover-ups, Foul-ups, and Credibility LostFL903_upsetc.jpg

March 25:
American Airlines' Submission to the NTSB; Allied Pilots' Assoc. Submission and Airbus' Submission (new)

February 23, 2004 - One Sharp Witness -- But No One's Listening
November 16, 2003: U.S.Read & An Eyewitness on WHCR

November 4, 2003: 2003 Update 1 91553_2_sm.jpg

December 5, 2002: Open Letter to NTSB In Re The Debris Fields

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November 18, 2002:  "Why The Silence?"
Question from a Reader: "The AAL587 hearings came and went, but U.S. Read is silent about the matter. What gives?"
Answer: Still processing all the factual reports and docket info. There are over 1500 pages there. Basic updates/reports in re the Hearings are available from all sorts of news sources. USRead's approach is to dig deeper and we're doing that. The NTSB waited one year before releasing all this data. We just need a fraction of that time to gather some rational, informed reaction to the factual info.
Thanks for your patience and interest.
But you will hear from us soon. Stay tuned and thanks for writing.

October 21, 2002: Memorial Grove Planting

October 17, 2002: Shame, Shame

October 9, 2002: New York City Council Hearing (Part 2)

September 25, 2002: Illegals, Sabotage, and Security 

Sep. 18: New York City Council Hearings on Flight 587 (Part 1)

August 23: The Engines


August 21: CNBC Interview with David Rose on August 15th

August 19: The Rudder Movements Timeline and What It Shows

August 9:
Flight 587: Wake Probabilities



August 8: American Airlines A300 Fleet Standards Manager Resigns

August 7:
Channel 4 in England Reports on the Vanity Fair Article
Airbus Comments on Vanity Fair Article
ABC News World News Tonight Coverage
CNN's Miles O'Brien on Vanity Fair Article

July 31: Doug Willis on Eyewitnesses

July 19: Write-Ups in The WAVE in Response to Witness Meeting

July 15: Eyewitness Andrew Feldman

July 13: Witness Meeting Reaction - An Open Letter to Aviation Week

July 13: A Canadian Journalist's Twist on Witness Reliability

July 12: Witness Meeting Update

June 25: Witnesses - "Notoriously Unreliable"?

June 21: Interview with Stan Molin; Father of Flight 587 Pilot

June 21: Witness Meeting Drawing Interest

June 14: "The Wave of Long Island" To Host Witness Meeting

June 14: Editorial on 587 by "The Wave" Editor

May 31: Higher Resolution Debris Pictures by Coast Guard

May 29: "Evasive"

May 13: Aviation Safety: Airbus A300 Pilots Response to FAA Letter

<>May 10: Aviation Safety: Research Document Submitted to the NTSB & FAA by Pilots Task Force

May 10: Aviation Safety: Letter to Jane Garvey From Coalition of Air Line Pilots Associations (CAPA) -  Addressing Concerns CAPA has Regarding the Airbus A300-600 (pdf file)

May 8: Pictures from May 3rd NTSB/NASA Press Conference

May 6: May 3rd NTSB/NASA Press Conference by Captain Ray Lahr (Ret.)


May 2: NTSB and CVR's by Glen Schulze

April 27: Pictures of Empennage, Vertical Stabilizer, Shredded Rudder, and Other Debris



April 23: Request for Interview with NTSB Chairman

April 17: Eleven

April 15: The Timeline, Version 2, and Radar Data

April 15: Airbus A300 Pilots April 15th Press Release

April 13: Airbus A300 Pilot Todd Wissing Interviewed by CBC

April 10: Airbus A300 Pilots Press Release and Report

March 30: Story of B52 That Landed With the Rudder and Most of the Tail Blown Off

March 27: What a Tail-less Airbus A300 looks like
Is this what the witnesses saw?



March 26: Bernard Rawlings also shares thoughts on Flight 587

March 26: Aviation Security: The Cirque de Aviation Securité

March 25: Video Interview with Witness Kenny Good
Kenny witnessed the departure of both engines and the vertical stabilizer only a few seconds from impact. At least 6 seconds after the Flight Data Recorder stopped recording.


March 15: Witness Gamma Phone Interview

March 10: Chariman Blakey's Response to Witnesses Offer to Testify

March 7: Critical Portions of Flight 587 FAA Tapes

March 6: Letter To the Editor of The WAVE of Long Island

February 27: What Do You Hear? MP3 file Of Critical Portion of FAA Tape

February 25: The Timeline - Speaks for Itself & Asks New Questions
Using known CVR, FDR, PASSUR, and FAA Information along with audio of the JFK Departure Control Tape

February 25: FAA Air Traffic Control and TRACON Transcripts released Feb. 20th (pdf file)

February 25: Compressor Stalls - A Video of a SwissAir Airbus Experiencing Stalls
But is this what the witnesses saw?

February 25: Letter from Ray Lahr to NTSB Chairman, Marion Blakey

February 25: New Witness & Flight Path Map added by Arthur Doucette

February 20: Witness & Debris Maps


flight_path_n_witnesses_sm.jpg crash_debris_by_vic_sm.jpg

February 16: NTSB Letter to the FAA re Flight Data Recorder Problem

February 14: Open Letter to NTSB re Key Witness

February 11: NTSB Statements on Videotapes - NTSB's response to TIME article; videos not so remarkable

February 7: Rudder Reconstruction Picture Using Coast Guard Photos


January 29: Video Interview with Witness Ellie Scholfield


January 29: TIME Magazine's Own Wake Turbulence

January 23: U.S.Read Acquires Surprising Debris Pictures Provided by the United States Coast Guard's Mike Hvozda


 January 20: Video Interview with Witness Tom Lynch
Tom, a retired firefighter, witnessed two explosions during at least the last 6 seconds of the flight when the plane, and tail, were still intact


January 20: Video Interview with Witness Jim Conrad
Jim, a retired Police Lieutenant, also witnessed two explosions during the last 10 seconds of the flight when the plane, and tail, were still intact


January 17: Press Conference Statement by Witness Group dated January 7th, 2002

January 17: Editorial by Crash Witness Tom Lynch

January 17: Letter from Witness Group to the NTSB dated January 4th, 2002

January 15, 2002: Recap & Update
December 31, 2001: Video Interview with Witness John Power
John witnessed the last 20 to 22 seconds of the flight

December 14: No Catastrophic Engine Failures

November 19: The Tail or Not the Tail?
A Very Compelling Witness Tells His Story


November 19, 2001: Aviation Security: Have We Learned From Pan Am Flight 103?
Does the new Aviation Security Legislation provide comprehensive security?


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Air Disaster
Aviation Safety Network
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NTSB's Flight 587 Web Page (containing all UPDATES and other accident related info)

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