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July 12, 2002
Flight 587 Update - Tears and Tales by Howard Schwach
Howard Schwach, the Editor of the WAVE Newspaper, a truly kind man with an open mind, wrote a fine summary of the witness meeting that was held at "The Beach Club" on July 10th, 2002. The Good family, proprietors of the Club, who also own the Rockaway Sunset Diner, made a large room freely available to the public for this meeting.
As Howard makes mention in his article, there were aviation experts present. A crash investigator who has at least eight licenses and knows the Airbus A300, and the GE engines, like the back of his hand, there was an active airline Captain, an Aerodynamicist with a major U.S. Aerospace company, and a retired airline captain, all came to the meeting on their own time and money. They are very perplexed by this crash. They are troubled by the official investigation thus far, and they felt it was worth their own time and money to come and hear eyewitnesses. I thank them for their support of usread.com and having an open mind. It's inexcusable that the Government agency we pay for deems it useless to do the same. None of these folks, nor myself, espouse to know what caused this crash. But we are becoming increasingly convinced wake turbulence and pilot-over control are highly questionable theories.
I'd like to make one correction to the article. Steve, the fellow from England with eight aircraft certifications, did not say the NTSB reports were rubbish. He said the thrust reverser theory was rubbish, and he did not attribute that theory to the NTSB.
I hope to be posting more details from witness statements and the expert's comments soon. I'm considering making VHS videos of the meeting available.
Howard also did a piece last week on why the NTSB, and some politicians, felt it was inapprorpiate for them to come to the meeting.
Victor Trombettas

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