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March 26, 2002
The Cirque de Aviation Securité
by Victor Trombettas
It's really not funny, actually.
If you thought Reading and Math scores were low in New York City Public Schools, the Transportation Department's report card would be immediate grounds for expulsion. I finally figured out who the skies are "friendly" for. The terrorists. Along with our horrific immigration policies, we've pretty much told the world, "send us your disenchanted, your madmen, your extremists yearning to blow our heads off".
USA Today reported that in extensive security checks in airports around the country conducted between November and February:
  1. Investigators carried knives past screeners in more than 70% of tests.
  2. Screeners failed to spot guns in 30% of tests.
  3. Screeners failed to detect simulated explosive devices in 60% of tests.
  4. Overall, screeners failed to stop prohibited items in 48% of tests.
  5. Investigators either secretly boarded an aircraft or gained access to the airport tarmac in 48% of tests.
In other words, if 10 terrorists coordinate an attack on any given day ... 6 of them could blow planes out of the sky.
If 20 terrorists coordinate an attack, 10 of them might be able to get on a plane and wreak havoc.
This is unbelievable. This is unacceptable. This is a scandal.
We can only hope at this point that the new Transportation Security Authority will turn this around.

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