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Statement by Witnesses to Press at January 7th, 2002 Press Conference

(read by Retired Police Lieutenant, James Conrad)
We have signed a letter that we forwarded to the National Transportation Safety Board requesting that we testify at the first public hearing relative to the cause of the crash of Flight 587.

Our Reasoning?

N.T.S.B Chairperson Marion Blakely made a statement on November 12, 2001, that all indications were that the crash was the result of an accident. How could that statement be made while the crash scene was still smoldering? The flight data recorder (FDR) had not been recovered and the Crash Investigation Team had not yet arrived. The initial eyewitness reports included many accounts of one or two explosions INFLIGHT, some before the breakup of the craft. We are also taken aback by the comments from the NTSB that eyewitness accounts are historically inaccurate. Is this supposed to encourage witnesses to come forward after our President made it the duty of everyone to observe and report everything they witness as unusual? Each of us witnessed Flight 587 in flight prior to the crash from different angles, different times and different points in the sky, etc. so our statements may vary. When we say we witnessed explosions and fire coming from Flight 587 prior to it crashing, we did.

There have been no public comments made by the NTSB indicating that they are actively attempting to discover the cause by investigating witness statements. We are not saying that this incident WAS a terrorist act. But we desire to know whether our statements have been taken into account.

Our personal witness accounts should bring forth information that is not readily available via the Flight Data Recorder. Based on a November 20th NTSB press release, the (FDR) stopped recording data ten seconds before the CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder). Ten seconds of information we can offer. Such information in an investigation is invaluable.

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