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February 20, 2001

Witness and Debris Maps

by Victor Trombettas
This first of two maps shows Flight 587's approximate flight path (in dark black line) with the exact crash point along with the exact locations of the following witnesses: Alpha, John Power, Jim Conrad, Tom Lynch, and Ellie Scholfield.
This second map shows the exact impact locations of both engines along with some additional significant debris on 125th St and Cronston Ave (8 foot section from the Left Wing Tip), and 116th St and Beach Channel Drive (Two 2ft x 4ft panels, shiney on one side, honeycombed on other). It should be noted that residents around 125th Street all the way to 116th claim there was debris "everywhere" including on the roofs of homes and businesses. I've deliberately left off the pick up points for the rudder pieces and the vertical stabilizer due to conflicting reports of their retrieval locations. I will provide this as soon as possible.
This third map was one worked on by Arthur Doucette. Arthur tried to include all major flight milestones and any radar data we could get our hands on (and the JAL47 flight track). The flight path is skewed more to the right than the first map above because Arthur wanted to match it more to a very preliminary NTSB map.
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