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Letter to NTSB by some of the Witnesses dated January 4, 2002

Dear Board Members,

News releases concerning the progress of your investigation of AA Flight 587 on 12 November 2001 have not mentioned the possibility of fire or explosion aboard the aircraft prior to its disintegration. Obviously, your investigators are working on many aspects of the crash which may not be reported publicly as yet.

Those of us whose names are listed below were eyewitnesses to the accident. Further, we all witnessed one or more explosions while the aircraft was still airborne ­ and prior to any portions of the aircraft leaving it on its way down.

We understand that the NTSB will conduct a public hearing as part of its investigation. Please accept this as a formal request on our behalf that we will be called to testify in that hearing regarding what we witnessed. This request is made in the spirit of response by all citizens called for by the President immediately following the crash.

A map that indicates each of our locations from which we observed the aircraft is enclosed. In addition to those listed below, we have spoken with eighteen others who witnessed the aircraft on fire while still airborne.

Further, we respectfully request that you advise us as to the process you employ to solicit eyewitness accounts during your public hearings on major accidents so that we can prepare to provide whatever information you will require.

Thank you very much for consideration of our request.

James Conrad
NYPD retired police Lt.

Peter Hayden
NYFD Active Deputy Chief

Richard Kvies
NYTP retired police Lt.

Thomas Lynch
NYFD retired fireman

John Power
Sales Manger

Ellie Scholfield
Manger Food service

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