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March 25, 2002
Video Interview with Witness Kenny Good (in two parts)
by Victor Trombettas
I'd like to thank witness Tom Lynch again, who told me about Kenny Good.
Kenny and his brother, Steve, own the Rockaway Sunset Diner on 116th Street and Beach Channel Drive, 15 blocks east of the crash site ... yet they found two large pieces of debris (approx. 1.5 by 5 feet) on the roof of their Diner.
Kenny witnessed the last few seconds of the flight and had told me months ago that he had first seen the right engine fall, then the vertical stabilizer, and then the left engine. When I met him on March 16th, I also discovered he saw the the debris ripping off the plane from what appeared to be the top and sides of the fuselage. The same debris that was found on the roof the Diner and which littered the neighborhood east and west of the crash site. He maintains that most if not all of this debris was raining down before impact and he does not believe it was ejecta from the crash fireball.
Those of you familiar with the flat spins described by John Power and witness Gamma ... Kenny saw the plane at least 6 seconds after that event and at least 2 or 3 seconds after the explosions seen by Lynch and Conrad.
Debris from the plane had also been found at 149th street, 18 blocks from the crash site ... almost a mile west! That is about the spot where Lynch and Conrad saw the very large inflight explosion which could explain the debris that ended up so far west of the crash site. It's also possible that debris ripped off the plane even prior to that explosion.
Kenny never noticed a fire, or explosion. He knows two people who did but he does not recall seeing any. Kenny did not view very much of the flight so it is possible that at the times he viewed it, there weren't significant fires. One thing is certain ... if the debris he saw ripping from the plane was indeed fuselage, very few things besides fires or explosions can explain that. The Police Officers who picked up the debris from the Diner two days later stated to the Kenny and his brother those pieces were fuselage.
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