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Flight 587 Debris Pictures; Mostly the Devastated Rudder
U.S. Coast Guard Photos by Mike Hvozda (numbered Part 1 to Part 9a)
Clicking each picture (Part 1 thru Part 9a) opens a multi-megabyte, high resolution version of the picture
I've included three reference pictures to assist you in identifying Parts 1 to 9a below (make sure you scroll down, there are 13 pictures on this page):


Reference Pic 1 - Airbus A300

Reference Pic 2 - Airbus A300 Vertical Stabilizer and Rudder
Reference Pic 3 - Flight 587's Vertical Stabilizer (minus the rudder) 

Here are the Coast Guard Pictures (by Mike Hvozda)


Part 1 - Right (Starboard) Side of Rudder

The broken gray bottle is a fire bottle from the left engine strut/pylon (the large brace that attaches the engine to the wing). The black box is a high frequency antenna coupler from the vertical stabilizer.


Part 2 - Unknown


Part 3 - Most Likely Starboard Side Forward Base of Vertical Stabilizer

Part 4 - Upper Section of Rudder (Starboard)
Part 5 - Left (Port) Side Piece of Rudder
Part 6 - Top Piece Appears to be Starboard Side Piece of Rudder. Lower piece with the large curved end is the top of the rudder.
Part 7 - Different View of "Part 1" Rudder Piece from above
Part 8 - Different View of "Part 1" and "Part 7" Rudder Pieces from above
Part 9 - Starboard Side Vertical Stabilizer minus the rudder - notice the forward base is missing; this is the piece from "Part 3" from above
Part 9a - ditto
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