Research Document Submitted to NTSB & FAA by Task Force of Concerned Pilots


 This site provides access to the research document, now public record, sent by a task force of Pilots who fly the Airbus A300-600, to the NTSB and the FAA.  It details, in a professional and accountable manner, issues raised after the NTSB Safety Recommendation of February 8, 2002.  The concerns center on certification standards, "non-destructive" inspection methods of composite structures being used more frequently in aviation applications, and some particular issues related to the crash of AA Flight 587 in November of 2001.  We have submitted this document in a spirit of genuine concern for safety and hope that the NTSB, the FAA and all other interested parties--including the travelling public--may consider these issues as we re-establish what is acceptable and what must be improved in current aviation standards and applications. 

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